WHY SterRx

Packaging and Labeling

Packaging and labeling designed to help customers be more efficient and help reduce the risk of medication errors for their patients.

Because patient safety is our primary goal, SterRx goes the extra mile in packaging and labeling its products. We provide differentiated labeling on every product, to ensure accurate medication selection in the hospitals we serve. Distinguishing features—a different graphic element for each strength, drug class color coding, large and easy-to-read drug name, Tall Man type and clear, complete descriptions of the container contents—help end users identify and dispense medications accurately, which can help reduce the risk of medication errors. An NDC number and bar code on every product helps customers track and stock the medications accurately and efficiently. Finally, the blow-fill-seal (BFS) process we use ensures tamper-evident packaging.
Large, easy-to-read strength enclosed in unique graphic elements for different strengths
Lot number, expiration date, compounding date
Bar code to facilitate efficient stocking, tracking
Distinctive color for more accurate product identification
Usage information
Active drug, diluent and pH information
Name, address, and telephone number of the SterRx facility for easy and immediate access to SterRx customer service